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Skilled Tuck-pointing and stone-work. 

Over 12 years of experience! 

Cardin came to America at the age of 14 from Burundi (a tiny country in East Africa). He started tuck-pointing as a teenager through a youth job-training program. He loved the manual labor work, and excelled at this trade. 

At the same time, Marissa was enjoying her fair share of customer service and managerial positions. She loved the fast pace and enjoyed the many different interactions with people from all walks of life. 

They decided to take the plunge in August 2020 and start their own endeavor with the bigger goal of being able to save enough money to start investing in small businesses in Burundi!  

At Irakoze Tuckpointing, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and thorough work. Many times when brick and stone walls are being repaired, the old mortar is not first completely removed. The mortar behind the new mortar continues to deteriorate, causing the new mortar to fall out of the wall sooner than a properly prepped wall.

We guarantee grinding out the old mortar to at least an inch and a half, resulting in an incredible strong wall that will last for decades! 

Fantastic Timing

“The communication was great throughout the entire project. Timing was fantastic. The work was exactly what I wanted, the price was very reasonable. I would recommend Irakoze to anyone needing work done. You'll be very satisfied with the quality they provide.”

Laura W.

HomeAdvisor Review

Give your home the love it deserves!

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